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Moved I have, on Tuesday December 5 2006 at at 2:52 am to be precise.

My current blog, Still Inchoate, is here. If you were hoping for the old-time blog I ran here for years, don't worry - it's all still here. Just look under "archived entries" in the menu to the left.

If you want to contact me, my email address is aoxe45, followed by an atty-thing, dsl.pipex.com

Also, to ensure that my spam filtering lets your email through, please enter "Inchoate Weblog" as at least part of the subject line of any email that you send me. Thanks. I do wish it were all simpler, and I'm sure you do, but it's a wicked world.

35,000 hits or so since 18th June 2002. My free counter seems to have packed in a while back, but I guess one gets what one pays for...

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